The following are just some of the many testimonials from men and women who have benefited in working together with Darlene.

“Darlene is amazing, strong and beautiful in her strength of clarity for and commitment to excellence. She is funny, wise and courageous. She is highly engaging and If you stand with her you stand to have your own greatness reflected back to you. How does it get any better than that? Join Darlene in making a difference where making a difference is needed and will change your world! ” Judith

Judith L. Harrison

Judith L. Harrison

Trumpeter’s Choice Consulting Inc.




Judith Harrison

“I was privileged to assist in Darlene’s ‘Hear Me Roar’ one day event.  As I watched the process unfold with amazing releasing through the room I could sense the power of having a safe place to allow the feelings that have been pushed down over time, arise and be expressed.   The space was held beautifully with the facilitators working with the participants to assist them to open up even more fully.   At the end there was a deep sharing of the profound shifts that occurred”.

Ariana Rose Brackenbury

Awakening Yoda


Ariana Rose Brackenbury

Darlene is a very strong and powerful woman who has the capacity to assist you on your own inner journey to self growth. All of our paths are different, and sometimes we need even just one person to help us find the right direction and perspective. Darlene has this talent to help out.

Dorota Ulkowska


Dorota Ulkowska – Mind Intermission