Hear Me Roar


To Women Who Choose to BE POWERFUL

Why is it important for You to BE a part of the ‘Hear Me Roar’ Experience?

Most of us do not consider ourselves to be angry. When we really dig down however, the majority of our dissatisfactions of life are reflections of some kind of inner anger.

If we do by chance acknowledge our inner anger, then its taking the time for ourselves and finding that ‘safe place’ where we can go to be with our anger…regardless of how it chooses to show up.

We are all capable of transforming our anger into Energy that will serve Us.

The ‘Hear Me Roar Experience’ is going to open doors for you on many different levels! The main change will be literally ‘Cellular’.

It is also going to create a shift in the way you operate in the world and attract energy moving forward!

It’s important to know that the transformation of anger format is not a teaching event. To best serve you, ‘Hear Me Roar’ is designed to be 100% experiential.

‘Hear Me Roar’ will show you how to acknowledge your anger and transform it into something affirming…into Power, High Intention, and Positive Passion.

Kerrin McIntosh, founder of PathWays BodyTalk has been invited to lead all of us in a beautiful, transformational visualization process which will support the content you are going to learn and the anger energy you are going to release.

Kerrin has spent over 25 years building upon her natural gifts and abilities by delving deeply into alternative healing arts, personal growth and development philosophies. A very large part of Kerrin’s world is from the teachings, practices and ceremonies of the Blackfoot people of Southern Alberta.

She now combines all of her life experience, knowledge, wisdom, and Body Talk to bring her own unique healing practice to you.

Isn’t it time You showed the world how Magnificent You are?

Join us  at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/hear-me-roar-tickets-13642225263

Here’s to ROARING together!


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