Stand in your Courage!

To Courageous Women Everywhere,

Such an Honor to witness and BE in the presence of Women who showed up so completely and expansively for themselves at the first ‘Hear Me Roar’ experience in Calgary, AB, Canada!!! 

A sacred and safe container was created for women to open to full expression….to go to the very depths of their shadow to release the the energy of anger and transform into the energy of intense passion…a integral part of stepping into their Magnificence. Hours of letting go seemed literally like minutes as we fell into a paradigm of Being that allowed all of us to really Let Go and FEEL!!!

How Incredible to get into the depths of our inner selves that we for the most part do not allow ourselves to touch. The FREEDOM of such a visceral experience took us to a new level of ourselves. We left feeling liberated and elevated! What we released energetically for ourselves and the collective has now created the ripple of more to come.

What is to be manifested from here will truly shift the consciousness of those who are on the path of awakening to WHO THEY TRULY ARE…and that without question is what all of us are here to experience…

Here’s to releasing all that no longer serves us!.

Want to learn more? Leave your comments here….I look forward to our connecting